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Karl Weierstrass
100 Greatest
Larl Weierstrass
Big Analyst
(1815 - 1897)
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Karl Weierstrass Young Karl Weierstrass wasn't much interested in science. Contrary to his father's desires to be an accountant, Karl was more interested in fence and parties. Beer and mountains of food were much more attractive than numbers.

After three years spent in Bonn he failed to get a law and economy degree, he returned home and became a teacher. Later, he met Christoph Gudermann who helped him get his degree in math. Weierstrass started lecturing at the university but despite Gudermann's recommendations nobody wanted to give Karl a permanent job. So, he returned to be a high school teacher often teaching everything but math.

Luckily, that leaves him lots of time to think and he started publishing some of his works. After 12 years spent in various German village high schools his published work finally gets recognized and he gets a job as a professor at Berlin University.

He was a world famous teacher and many young talents were seeking essence of modern analysis through his lectures.