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Karl Gauss
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100 Greatest
Karl Gauss
Ruler of Mathematicians
(1777 - 1855)
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Karl Gauss Gauss was among rare great people who demonstrated his geniality at very early age. He wasn’t even three years old when he pointed to a mistake his father made in one calculation.

In early school years, he amazed his very strict and demanding teacher by devising an algorithm to add numbers 1 - 100. It was his teacher's toughest problem, designed to keep the class in order for a long time. Gauss was done in minutes:

SUM = 100 + (1+99) + (2+98) + .... + (49+51) + 50 = 5050

Being amazed with boy's geniality, his teacher bought all math books he could get for the young boy, telling everyone that the boy was beyond him.

He was a mathematical purist. His collages begged him to lighten his inflexible perfectionism, but with no effect. Gauss was a living floating point calculator. He published all his work in Latin. One of the most valuable mathematic textbooks was his mathematical diary. He kept the diary until the end of his life and it contained 146 short notes, each of which represented one chapter from mathematics.