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100 Greatest
George Boole
Architect of The Pure Math
(1815 - 1864)
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George Boole Born in a very poor family of a small vendor, George Boole was predisposed to only certain low level occupations. The schools he could go to were just too limited in his quest for knowledge. He saw knowledge and a way to change his social status. With support of his father he was learning languages (Greek and Latin).

He was one of first who had crossed the barrier between European and British mathematicians. Before Boole, main math object were numbers, but he had put everything on test: even the laws of thinking. He studied the operations separated from operands and devised what we know today as Boolean Algebra. He had discovered "the rules of the game".

After Boole, mathematicians became obsessed with abstraction and symbolic logic. Without Boole's "Laws of Thought" today's computers would be very different, or maybe would not even exist.