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Evariste Galois
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100 Greatest
Evariste Galois
Prince of Math
(1811 - 1832)
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Evariste Galois Evariste Galois was a true poet dismayed by the mediocre teachers who were unable to realize his genius. Unsuccessful were those who tried to limit him and keep him on the ground with the rest of the stupid crowd.

He didn’t have time to systematically study math. He was absorbing the latest math accomplishments when he was only 15. When he was 16 he was convinced that he had algebraic solution of quantic equation (later proven to be impossible). Looking for the ultimate solution, he developed the group theory which changed the math forever - he was only 17.

Many attempts to get admitted into Ecole Polytechnique, the most prestigious university in France at the time, were unsuccessful. The teachers examining the prospective student could not bare that he didn’t use the board and chalk to answer questions, but solved the problems in his head. When they insisted, he grabbed the chalk and hit one of the teachers with it.

At 19 he joins the revolution and later even spends some time in jail. Unfortunately, Evariste did not stay in jail long enough. He kept mixing with revolutionaries and political rivals. He died in a shootout defending the dignity of a prostitute. He was only 20.