Vladimir Nikčević, dipl-Ing.

Who am I?
Who I am - you'd know if you knew who You are. You migh have even met me, and yet you know not. For the time being - I am, and that should be enough, but do browse further and don't take it too seriously. There's just а few serious things in life... and even those are not that serious... so stop asking silly questions, and have a laugh.

Since when and where?
Since 01st January 1967 A.D. 09:50AM CET, in Belgrade, capital of what used to be SFR Jugoslavija and what is now and again better known as СРБИЈА

What comes down to gaining experiences, as we all do, which includes attaining formal education and some work experience, a little bit of travel here and there, but first and foremost finding an answer to the leading question above. In a word - living. If you'd like to find out more about that life, check out Curriculum or follow Links in Black (above).

But why... ?
Because I am.