Prof. dr
Miloš Samardžija

U inostranstvu

   Prof. dr Miloš Samardžija was born in 1920 in Klokočevac, Croatia. He graduated from the School of Law in Belgrade in 1947 where he also earned his PhD degree in 1956. He was promoted from Assistant Professor to full Professor (1956). He lectured on political economy and Yugoslav economic system.
   He was a membrer of the Economic Council of the Federal Exucitve Committee and the Chairman of the Economic Council of the Serbian Assembly, director of the Institute of Economic Investments and adviser at the Economic Committee UN in Geneva.
   He wrote numerous in the field of economic theory and economic system (books, textbooks, monographs and articels). His papers are a contribution to the studies of theoretical problem of value and prices, economic system, relation of the plan and market in socialist economy.

Prof. dr
Radomir Simić

Rudarsko-geološki fakultet,
Đušina 7, 11000 - Beograd
Tel. 011/324-7524, 
Kuća: Dr Dragoslava
Popovića 15,
11000 - Beograd
Tel. 011/323-9296
E-mail: kec@eunet.yu

   Prof. Dr Radomir D. Simić was born in 1939 in Prokuplje, Serbia. He graduated from the School of Mining and Geology (majoring in mining), University of Belgrade in 1963, and defended his MSc thesis in 1972. He earned his Ph.D. degree in Wroclaw in Poland in 1974. He worked at Toplica mines in Prokuplje and Kosovo Industries. In 1969 he got the post of an assistant at the School of Mining and Geology, where he was subsequently promoted into full professor.
   He is a member of the Ukraine Academy of Mining Sciences, and was elected the first foreign member of the Moscow Academy of Geological Investigations. He is also a member of the Yugoslav Academy of Engineers, Society of Mining Professors, Serbian Scientific Society and Honorary member of the International organizing Committee of the World Mining Congress. At the moment, he is a vice-president of the Yugoslav Association of Engineers and Technicians.
   He was a vice-president of the University of Belgrade, Dean of the School of Mining and Geology, President of the Yugoslav Association of the Mining and Geological Engineers and the President of the 11th World Congress of Mining.
   In the course of his academic career, Prof. Simić was mentor to over 100 graduates and a large number of MSc and PhD theses. For the mining industry he elaborated numerous projects, studies, reviews, investment programs and evaluations.
   He is the author or co-author of 20 textbooks and monographs, as well as of 148 papers out of which a substantial part were published abroad.

Prof. dr
Miodrag Simonović

Kneza od Semberije 6a
11000 - Beograd,
Tel. 011/456-358

   Prof. Dr. Miodrag Ž. Simonović was born in 1927 in Kruševac, Serbia. He graduated from two Schools: Belgrade Medical School and School of  Mechanical Engineering. He completed his residency at the ENT clinic of the Medical School in Belgrade in 1959. His university career went all the way from assistant professor to full professor. For his multidiciplinary thesis he was awarded PhD degree in 1963. He was a founder and Head of the Department of Audiology of the ENT clinic until his retirement in 1992. He was a lecturer at a number of Universities, and a mentor for numerous MSc and PhD theses. He is a member of numerous professional and scientific societies in the country and abroad, being the President of some of them, or Chairman of scientific sessions and congresses. For his advanced training, he spent several times, many months, in more  than 20 countries, as a researcher or visiting professor.
   He has published 241 scientific and professional papers, out of which 112 in international journals. He is also the author or co-author of 12 books and monographs. He participated as leading investigator in 5 major scientific research projects, out of which 3 were national and 2 international. Numerous studies are in progress. He gave a number of original and essential contributions to the fields of his interest. He received the total of 26 national and international acknowledgments, charters, plaques, certificates and letters of appreciation.

Prof. dr
Dragoljub Stefanović

Bulevar Avnoj-a 116
11000 - Beograd
Tel. 011/673-170

   Prof. Dr. Dragoljub B. Stefanović was born in 1927 in Skopje, Macedonia. He graduated from the Faculty of Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade, at the Department of Geophysics in 1950, and was promoted to the Doctor of Technical Sciences (Ph.D.) at Belgrade University. From 1959 until his retirement he was at the same Faculty. During the period 1978-1992 he was the Head of The Geophysical Department. He was mentor of 8 students for their Ph.D. theses and 10 for MSc theses, and 120 among 300 graduated at the Department of geophysics at his time.
   From September 1959 till  January 1961, he was a professor at the Geophysics Department of Stanford University, Stanford, California, USA.
   During 1984 he was the President of European Association of Exploration Geophysicists.
   He published 3 books, more than 100 papers, mostly in the field of rock and paleo-magnetism. The extensive list of his publications is quoted in "Izabrani radovi", (1997) (Selected publications).

Prof. dr
Dragoljub Stojanović

Pravni fakultet, 
Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 67
11000 - Beograd
Tel. 011/324-1501, 
Kuća: Bulevar umetnosti 27
11000 - Novi Beograd
Tel. 011/146-211, 
faks: 011/750-945

   Prof. Dr Dragoljub D. Stojanović was born in 1933 in Belgrade. he graduated from high school in Kragujevac in 1952. He graduated from the Belgrade School of Law in 1956 with honors. He started his professional career at the Institute of Comparative Law in 1956 as an Assistant. In 1960 he spent ten months in Hamburg, at the Max Planc Institute of Foreign and Comparative Law as a fellow of the Humboldt Foundation. He completed his PhD thesis at the Institute, and defended at the Belgrade School of Law in 1961. He was elected Professor at the School of Law in Niš. In 1978 he  moved to the School of Law in Kragujevac, where he still actively works.
   He was in charge of the following functions at the universities in Niš and Kragujevac: he served two terms of office as the Dean of School of Law in Niš (1974-1978), and also in Kragujevac (1980-1984), and two terms of office as the President of Kragujevac University (1984-1988). He published: "Introduction to Civil Law" and "Real Law", "Positive Legal Limitations of Private Property", "Civil Legal Accountability for Atomic Damage to Third Paries", "Accountability for Compensation of Genetic, Anonymous and Late Atomic Damages", "Consciousness and Honesty in Traffic", "Civil Legal Means against Air and Water Pollution", "Interpretation of Contracts", "Just Law", "Right to Provide Credit" and over 100 articles in our and foreign journals.

Prof. dr
Ilija Stojanović

Kuća: Cetinjska 9
11000 - Beograd
Tel. 011/323-4952

   Prof. Dr Ilija S. Stojanović was born in 1924 in Otočac, Lika. He graduated from the School of Electrical Engineering (majoring in telecommunications and electronics), University of Belgrade in 1951. In 1957 he defended his PhD thesis, and in his University career he went the whole way from an assistant (1953) to full professor (1971). In addition to his teaching activities at the Belgrade School, he also lectured at the Schools of Electrical Engineering in Podgorica, Novi Sad and Banja Luka. International activities of Prof. Stojanović are particularly noteworthy, since he was frequently a chairman of different international bodies. He received  the 7th July Prize (1970), two awards of RT Belgrade, for the best study in telecommunications, and two ETAN awards, for high achievement in telecommunications. In 1985, he was elected a corresponding member of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts. He published over 50 titles, out of which 5 books and 23 projects in telecommunications.  His scientific contribution  made him one of  the leading scientists in this field.

Prof. dr
Milić Stojić

Elektrotehnički fakultet, 
Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 73, 
P.O. Boks 3554, 
11020 - Beograd
Tel. 011/337-0166, 
faks: 011/324-8681
Kuća: Golsvortijeva 13
11000 - Beograd
Tel. 011/444-2155

   Prof. Dr Milić R. Stojić was born in Užice in 1940. He received his BSc, MSc, and PhD degrees from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade in 1963, 1965, and 1967, respectively. Since 1980 he has been a full Professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, teaching graduate and postgraduate courses in automatic control. In 1980, 1984, and 1988 he spent six months at the Physics Department, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK under the Cooperative Research Program. His scientific interests are in the sensitivity analysis of dynamic systems, system simulation and microcomputer-based real time control of electric drives and industrial processes. He has published several books in Serbian, English, and Russian and over 130 scientific papers. He is the author of Continuous Control Systems, 9th ed. (Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Science, 1996) and Digital Control Systems, 4th ed. (Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Science, 1994) written in Serbian, which are used as standard textbooks on automatic control at Universities in Yugoslavia. He also developed two analog and digital student laboratories. For his scientific achievements Prof. Stojić was awarded by the October Prize of the City of Belgrade. He also received the "Tesla Prize", for prominent technical achievement. Professor Stojić is the President of the Yugoslav Society of Electronics, Communications, Computers, Automation and Nuclear Engineering, and secretary of the Technical Division of the Serbian Scientific Society. He has been the associate editor of Automatica, International Journal of IFAC. Now, he is the Editor of Scientific Review, Journal of the Serbian Scientific Society.

Prof. dr
Andrija Stojković

Kuća: Kneza Višeslava 9
11000 - Beograd
Tel. 011/554-022

   Prof. Dr. Andrija B. Stojković (1924) received his B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. (1951) degrees from the Faculty of Philosophy of the Belgrade University. In the period from 1962 through 1975 he, as a University professor, lectured on the Philosophy of Marxism at the Faculty of Philosophy, and from 1975 through 1990 at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Prof. Stojković is a member of the Philosophical Society of Serbia, Hegel Society in Belgrade, and Internationale Hegelgesellschaft in Berlin. In the function of a co-editor he edited various philosophical magazines published in Belgrade, such as Filozofski pregled (Philosophical review), Filozofija (Philosophy), Dijalektika (Dialectics). He participated in 56 national and international scientific meetings. He is an associate member of Matica Srpska, Scientific Society of Serbia, and Association of Writers of Serbia. For years, Prof. Stojković has pursued studies in the field of philosophy, pedagogics, didactics and history of philosophy in Serbs and Yugoslavs. He is the author of 43 books and booklets, 145 treatis and studies. His works were published and reviewed in the Serbian, Russian, Polish, Slovakian, Macedonian, Hungarian, French, English, German, Chinese and Romanian languages.

Prof. Dr 
Mila Stojnić-Caričić

Užička 29, 11040 Belgrade,
phone: +381 11 66 86 99

Prof. Dr Mila Stojnić-Caričić was born on 1 February 1924 in Berane, Montenegro. She graduated First girl’s gymnasium on 1942. She accomplished her university schooling on philological faculty of Belgrade’s University on 1949. In the same institution she acquired a PhD with dissertation entitled “Symbolist doctrine of Andrei Byali” 1968. She begins with publishing essays and papers in journals Student, Delo, Letopis Matice srpske, Izraz since 1947.
She became lecturer and researcher on 1949, first as an assistant in Institute for eastern and western Slavic languages and literature, Serbian academy for sciences and arts, than as a researcher in Institute for experimental phonetics and speech pathology. From 1956 till 1971 she was professor of  Russian literature on Belgrade’s high school for pedagogy. From 1971 she held courses on ancient Russian literature, Russian literature of XVIII and XX centuries and history of Russian civilisation. These courses comprehended ordinary studies, postgraduate and specialist studies on Belgrade’s university.
Her scientific interests include Russian literature, Serbian literature, mutual relations and links between them, Russian philosophy, theory of literature translation, Russian language and methodology of teaching. She published over two hundred works in domestic and foreign issues.
Professor Mila Stojnić-Caričić is author of a number of  textbooks and manuals in field of Russian language and literature. Her authorised lectures on ancient Russian literature deserve special attention.
As an internationally recognised scientist, Mila Stojnić-Caričić attended and participated in many important scientific meetings (Rome, Pavia, Moscow, Wienna, Padova, Krakow, Regensburg, etc.). She is the manager of the Yugoslav part of the international project “Russian-Serbian literature links” which is organised by the Institute for Slavistics and Balcanistics of the Russian academy of sciences and Matica srpska. She is also editor of some issues from the project.
She was decorated by the Government (1988) for her work. She also received the awards of some distinguished organisations: Matica srpska (1975), Kolarčev univerzitet (1985), philological Faculty in Belgrade (1989), international Association of professors of Russian language and literature (1990), Serbian association of literature translators (1984), etc.
She was manager of Belgrade’s high school for pedagogy and head of Slavistic department on Belgrade’s philological faculty. She was president of Serbian slavistic society, Society for comparative literature studies and Serbian society for foreign languages. She is member of leadership of many professional and scientific associations, and member of the European cultural society (SEC).

Prof. dr
Jovan Surutka

Kuća: 29. Novembra 66
11000 - Beograd
Tel. 011/766-167
Faks: 011/324-8681

   Prof. Dr Jovan V. Surutka was born in 1921 in Banja Luka (Republic Serbska). He graduated in 1947 from the School of Technical Sciences University of Belgrade (Electromechanical Division). From 1950 he was promoted to all academic position at the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. In two elective periods (1962-64 and 1969-71) he was the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and for several years a member of the Serbian University Council and Serbian Education Council. For his scientific achievement we received the October Prize of the City of Belgrade (1967), the annual ETAN Award (1970), annual prize of RTB (1971 and 1978), Charter and Grand Plaque of the University of Niš (1980) and "Tesla Award" for Scientific Merit (1993). He was decorated with several other medals. In 1974, he was elected a corresponding member of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, and in 1983 he became a full member. 
   He was the founder of modern electromagnetics in our country, and the principal areas of his scientific and engineering activities are theoretical and applied electromagnetics, theory and design of antenna system, radio-wave propagation and TV broadcasting systems. As the author or co-author, he published 145 papers as well as 5o major projects and studies. For many years he has been a technical advisor of RTV of Serbia. He has a kay role in planning and building activities of all radio and TV networks in Yugoslavia. His research and professional activities followed his main interests in electromagnetics, construction of  antenna system, and emission systems. 

Prof. dr
Berislav Šefer

Kuća: Bulevar mira 45
11000 - Beograd
Tel. 011/661-330

   Prof. Dr Berislav S. Šefer was born in 1926. in Karlovac. He finished the Advanced Business Course of the Economic Council of the Yugoslav Government and graduated from the School of Economy, University of Belgrade. He attended post-graduate courses at the University of Chicago and University of California (Berkeley). He defended his PhD thesis at the School of Law, University of Zagreb. He was a Senior Manager at the Federal Ministry of Trade, state adviser and Director of the Federal Institute of Economic Planing, adviser to the Central Committee of the Yugoslav Communist Party, Director of the Center for Peaple's standard, Professor at the School of Political Studies in Belgrade, Vice-president of the Federal Goverment, a delegate at the House of Representatives of the Yugoslav Assembly. He has been retired since 1988. At the moment, he is a special adviser of the European Center for Peace and Development of the University for peace, UN. He was the author of 16 books, 26 monographs, 70 contribution as a co-author, 146 papers in journals and 41 papers abroad. His research includes standard of living and economic development, social policy and education as factors of development, small and medium enterprises in economic development, transition, particularly transition of social welfare. He is a member of Yugoslav Academy of Economic Sciences.

Prof. dr
Branislav Šoškić

Svetozara Markovića 60
11000 - Beograd
Tel. 011/646-053

   Prof. Dr. Branislav V. Šoškić was born in 1922. He graduated at the School of Economics, University of Belgrade in 1951, defended his Ph.D. thesis in 1954, and was elected full Professor in 1955. During the period 1964-67 he was the Dean, and from 1961-84 the Director, of the Institute for Economic Research. He spent years at foreign Universities,  mostly in USA, as a visiting Professor. He was the president of the following organizations: Montenegrean Academy of Sciences and Arts (1981-84). Presidency (and Council) of the Academies of Sciences and Arts of Yugoslavia (1981-84). Presently, he is the President of the Scientific Society of Yugoslav Economists (since 1994), full member of the Montenegrean (since 1973) and European Academy of Sciences and Arts (since 1992), as well as full  member of Yugoslav Academy of Economic Sciences (since 1997). He received numerous most distinguished awards, acknowledgments and medals. 
   Prof. Šoškić was included in the edition Who’s Who in the World, as well as in numerous other encyclopedia. He published 12 books and more than 300 papers. Montenegrean Academy of Sciences and Arts have recently published, in his honor, special comprehensive collection entitled ‘Scientific Thought of Academician Branislav Šoškić’

Prof. Dr 
Predrag Šulejić

Pravni fakultet Beograd
Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 67
tel: 011/3241-501

   Prof. Dr Predrag Šulejić (1934), Serb, Yugoslav, Christian Ortodox, professor of Law Faculty of Belgrade's University.
Graduated in Law from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade 1957. Doctor’s degree in 1964 from the University of Belgrade. Diploma of "Centre Europeen Universitaire de Nancy" 1962. Post-gradueted studies of 3me cycle of Law Faculty in Paris (Pantheon-Sorbonne) 1968.
   Professor of Commercial law, International commercial law and Insurance law at the Faculty of law in Belgrade. Director of post-gradueted studies of Law faculty in Belgrade named "International commercial contracts". Permanent arbitrator in The Foreign Trade Court of Arbitration attached to the Yougoslav Chamber of Economy. President of Yugoslavia's section of AIDA (International Association for Insurance Law). Member of Commission for Insurance of International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. Arbitration and commercial court's practices.
   Main book Insurance Law (Pravo osiguranja), last edition 1997 (512 pages). About 80 other publications (books and articles in periodicals), some in english and french. Many  Yugoslav national reports for the AIDA World Congresses.
Prof. Dr 
Dragan Švrakić

Department of Psychiatry,
Center for Psychobiology
of Personality,
Washington University,
School of Medicine,
4940 Children’s Place,
St.Louis, MO 63110, USA
phone: +1 314 362-7005
fax: +1 314 362-5594

   Prof. Dr Dragan Švrakić