Prof. dr
Mihajlo M. Mitrović

Klinika za hirurgiju, 
Urgentni centar KC Srbije
Višegradska 26, 
11000 - Beograd, 
Tel. 011/361-8444/ 2265
Kuća: Kralja Milutina 38
11000 - Beograd,
Tel. 011/361-3673

   Prof. Dr Mihajlo M. Mitrović, surgeon, was born in 1938 in Belgrade where he completed his secondary education and  Medical School, as well as the residency in general surgery. He is the full professor at the Belgrad Medical School, Head of the Emergency Surgery Center, Clinical Center of Serbia in Belgrade. He was awarded PhD degree for his thesis entitled ‘Surgical Treatment of Achalasia’ in 1977. For his advanced training he spent some time in Germany, Sweden, Great Britain and USA. He is a member of many international and national scientific and professional societies, and full member of the Medical Academy of the Serbian Medical Society;He is editor-in-chief of the Yugoslav journal ‘CHIRURGIA URGENS’, member of the editorial boards of the ‘European journal of Emergency Surgery’ and Yugoslav journal ‘Halo 94- Beograd’.
   Prof. Mitrović published more than 140 papers either in extenso (70 in national journals) or in the form of abstracts, both in the country and abroad. He gave his contributions in 3 books, in one as an editor-in-chief, and published two monographs. He was a mentor for numerous MSc and PhD theses. He is the Head of the project ‘Trauma in Yugoslavia’. He was decorated in 1997 with the medal of St. Sava.

Prof. dr
Nada Majkić - Singh

Klinički centar Srbije,
Institut za medicinsku biohemiju,
Višegradska 26 
11000 - Beograd,
Tel/Faks: 011/361-5631
Kuća: Bore Kostića 57 
11000 - Beograd,
Tel. 011/176-0527 

   Prof. Dr Nada T. Majkić-Singh was born in Yugoslavia in 1947, graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Belgrade in 1969, gaining the MS degree in Medical Biochemistry in 1972, and PhD degree in 1974. She began her professional career at the Faculty of Pharmacy as Associate in Medical Biochemistry, keeping the post from 1971 till 1978, while during the period 1978 - 84 she was an Associate Professor. Since 1984 she has been Professor in Medical Biochemistry, Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Enzymology, and from 1984 till 1995 she was the Director of the Department of the Medical Biochemistry at he Faculty of Pharmacy. Her present appointment, Director of the Institute of Medical Biochemistry at the Clinical Center of Serbia, she has held since 1986. Professor Majkić-Singh is the author of over two hundred and ten scientific papers and twelve books. She is a member of many Associations for Clinical Biochemistry. Since 1988, she has been President of the Society of Medical Biochemists of Yugoslavia and Editor in Chief of Yugoslav Medical Biochemistry. During her long and dedicated career, Professor Majkić-Singh has been awarded by the Union of the Pharmaceutical Societies of Yugoslavia and the Society of Medical Biochemists of Yugoslavia.

Prof. dr
Manojlo Maravić

Vladimira Tomanovića 10
11000 - Beograd
Tel. 011/347-0491

   Prof. Dr Manojlo J. Maravić was born in 1919 in Drežnica, Ogulin. He participated in the World War II from 1941, and therefore received a medal. He graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the Department of mathematics in Belgrade in 1947. He was awarded a Ph.D. degree at Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo in 1956. In 1960 he spent his 4-month sabbatical in London. He was elected full professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Sarajevo. For two years he was a lecturer at Khartoum University (Sudan) (1962-64, and thereafter another two years at Wayne State University in Detroit, USA (1965-1967), as a visiting professor. 
   He is a member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 1968 he was employed at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Sarajevo, where he stayed for 10 years. In 1968 he received ‘Veselin Masleša’ prize, in 1975 the 24th July prize for his scientific achievements and in 1988 the ZAVNOBIH prize. He is a member of London Society of Mathematics and American Society of Mathematics. He was the president of The Society of Mathematicians and Physicists of Bosnia and Herzegovina and member of the commission on natural sciences and mathematics and technical sciences with the Republic Community for Science.
   Scientific work of Prof. Maravić was specially focused on mathematical analyses. He is the author of 35 scientific appears and several professional papers.

Prof. dr
Aleksandar Marković

Bulevar AVNOJ-a 122
11070 - Novi Beograd,
Tel. 011/697-247

   Prof. Dr Aleksandar V. Marković was born in Ćuprija in 1924. He graduated from the Medical School in Belgrade in 1952, and began to work at the II Surgical Hospital (residency in surgery). He was elected assistant in 1954, and gradually full professor in 1978. He was awarded PhD degree in 1977. He was the Head of a Department at the II Surgical Hospital during the period 1958-1984, and consultant from 1984 till 1989. On several occasions he was abroad in Vienna and France, for his professional advanced training. He was an active member, a secretary of the Surgical Section and member of the Stirring Committee of the Serbian Medical Society (SMS) and delivered numerous lectures in its branches. During the period 1973-1977, he was president of the Surgical Section of the SMS. He was a vice-president of the Yugoslav Surgical Association and member of numerous national and international surgical associations. For his achievements he received SMS Charter (1972), Plaque (1973), and Charter of the Yugoslav Surgical Association (1973).
   He published more than 220 papers, out of which 40 were published in international journals (80 scientific papers, 100 professional papers, 40 communications, 4 text books in surgery). During his scientific career he participated in 4 projects. His field of interest included hypothermy, extracorporeal circulation, peripheral circulation, i.e. revascularization. He addressed different problems as a surgeon, teacher and scientist and participated in elucidation of numerous problems as a pioneer.

Prof. Dr 
Atanasije -Tasa M. Marković

Ginekološko-akušerska klinika
Beograd, Narodnog fronta 65
tel: 011/750-444

   Prof. Dr Atanasije -Tasa M. Marković was born in Belgrade in 1933. He graduated from Medical School in Belgrade in 1961, and pased his Board in Examination in Gynaecology and Obstetrics 1970. He was elected an Assistant Professor in 1976, and gradually full professsor in l994, at Medical School of Belgrade University. He spent his whole career at the Gynaecologycal - Obstretical Clinic "Narodni Front", Belgrade. For his advanced training he was many time in Poland, West Berlin, Heidelberg, Tubingen, Basel, Wiena and London. He is a Director for education, scientific and professional clinic activity, member of presidentship and ordinary member of Academy for medical sciences Serbian. President of the Serbian Association for ultrasound in medicine, biologyand veterin. medicine, and director of Yugoslav School for ultrasound. He is the member of Sebian Scientific Society. He was vice director of the clinic for 5 years and president of the Gynaecological-Obstretical section Serbian Medical Society 4 years. He was the Head of the Professorship for Gynaecology and Obstetrics for 2 years.He was the General secretary of the Serbian Medical Society for 8,5 years. He won the Prize for the scientific research from the Serbian Medical Society in 1997. and won the Prize for professional organisation from Serbian Medical Sosiety in 1992. He is the Winner of Great Medal Dr Nikola Hadži Nikolić from Gynaegologycal-Obstetrical section Serbian Medical Society and many other diplomas. He is and was a mentor and a president or member in about more than 100 D. Ph. and M.S. Theses. He published 410 professional and scientific papers in the national and international journals. He published many part in 20 medical books, and was chapters, and chief-in-editor textbook "Ultrasound in Medicine". This book won the Prize "Golden Fontana" on International Fair 1998.
   He introducted in the Clinic: Cardiotocografy, Ultrasound, Amnioscopy, Ph-metry, Amnicentesis, Partus programatus, and any modification in gynaecological surgery. He was the president of the inspectig committee and member of presidentship UGOJ. He is the member of FIGO, IFFS, YSFA, WHO, ISUOG, WAUM, EAUM, WAPM, EAPM. He is honorary member of gynaecologycal associetions of Poland, Germany. His name is in the books Who is Who from Elit in Serbia in 1995. and 1996. and in the twelfth edition 1997 international Who s Who of intellectuals IBC Cambridge England.

Prof. dr
Milan Mićunović

Mašinski fakultet, 
34000 - Kragujevac
Tel. 034/335-990/682
faks: 034/333-192.
Stevana Doronjskog 32
34000 - Kragujevac
Tel. 034/357-653

   Prof. Dr Milan V. Mićunović was born in Čokotin, Serbia, in 1944, and has been professor of mechanics at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering , University of Kragujevac since 1984. He is a member of the following organizations: International Society for Interaction of Mathematics and Mechanics, Polish Society of Applied Electromagentics and GAMM (Gesselshaft fur Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik).
   He is a member of the editorial board of the following journals: Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (Belgrade) and Facta Universitatis – Mechanics, Control, and Robotics – Niš. His main research interests include viscoplasticity of metals and composites with metal matrix, issues of stability of nonlinear vibrations of motor vehicles, multiaxial dynamic experiments of plastically deformed specimens, geometric as well as plastic wave propagation, plasticity of continuously damaged as well as neutron irradiated steels, viscoplasticity of ferromagnetics, creep and low cycle fatigue of austenic stainless steel.

Prof. Dr 
Žarko Dušan Mijajlović

Matematički fakultet
Beograd, Studentski trg 16
tel: 011/630-151
tel: 011/432-397

   Prof. Dr Žarko Dušan Mijajlović, mathematics educator, logician. Born in 1948. He graduated at the University of Belgrade, 1971, and obtained PhD at the same university in 1977 in the field of mathematical logic. Published about 50 scientiflc papers and four books most in logic but also in areas of algebra and computer science. He published four compact disks  and he is the author of four software packages (still in use). He visited several foreign institutions for a longer period as a visiting professor or a honorary fellow (Hebrew University in Jerusalem, University of Wisconsin, Courant Institute in New York). Obtained twice Fulbright scholarship. Employed at the Faculty since 1972, and since 1993 as full professor of logic and algebra. Since 1989 he is called for a federal expert in the field of computer science.

Prof. dr
Momčilo Milisavljević

Ekonomski fakultet,
Kamenička 6
11000 - Beograd
Tel. 011/622-734, 
Kuća: Mije Kovačevića 9, 
11000 - Beograd
Tel. 011/763-139

   Prof. Dr Momčilo D. Milisavljević was born in 1929 in Braničevo. He completed his elementary and high school education in Niš, and graduated from the School of Economics in Belgrade, where he also earned his PhD Degree in 1961. For three years he worked at the Yugoslav Institute of Economics, and from 1956 to 1994, he worked at the School of Economics, where he was retired as the full Professor. He was the Head of the Center for Management, University of Belgrade and the Chairman of the Economic Board at the Serbian Ministry of Science and Technology. He spent longer periods of time at leading business schools in USA, Great Britain and Germany. Prof. Milisavljević is the author of a large number of publications. His book Marketing (eighteenth revised edition published in 1998) was awarded the October Prize of the City of Belgrade in 1974. Recently his textbook entitled "Basics of Strategic Management" has been published (1997). Out of numerous monographs two should be specially noted: "Pricing Policy of Enterprises" (1972) and "Strategic Management" (1996). He was the chief researcher or investigator in numerous projects. he wrote about 100 titles (articles and presentations), about a fifth of which are in foreign languages.

Prof. Dr 
Bratislav D. Milovanović

Elektronski fakultet Niš
18000 Niš, Beogradska 14
tel: 063/400-080

   Prof. Dr Bratislav D. Milovanović was born in 1948 in Rosica, Serbia. He received his B.Sc., M. Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Niš in 1972, 1975 and 1979, respectively. From 1972 onwards he was promoted to all academic positions to full Professor (1990). From 1981 till 1984 he was the Head of the Department for Theoretical Electrical Engineering and since 1994 he is the Head of the Telecommunications Department. Also, he was the Vice-dean in the period from 1989-1991, and the Dean from 1994-1998. Since 1996, he is the President of the Administrative Committee of Ei-Holding Co. Niš.

   Prof. Milovanović is an author of two student textbooks and he also developed two laboratories: a student one and a research one. In addition to his graduate and postgraduate teaching activities, he was the Head of over 20 R&D projects. His scientific interests are in microwave technique and satellite communications. As the author or co-author, he published over 250 scientific papers (27 in the world-known scientific journals and over 70 in Proceedings of international conferences). Also, he is a reviewer of several world-leading scientific journals and conferences, and a member of the Editorial Boards of several scientific journals. Prof. Milovanović, as the chairman of Organizing or Technical Program Committee and the editor of Proceedings had the most contribution to the organization of four biennial scientific conferences on telecommunications in modern satellite, cable and broadcasting services - TELSIKS, the last two (1997 and 1999) are the international IEEE ones.

His scientific contribution made him one of the leading scientists in telecommunications. For his scientific achievement he received the October Prize of the City of Niš (1986), the annual prize of RTS (1985, 1994 and 1997), Plaque of the University of Niš (1989) and Plaque of YU Society for microwave technique and technology (1999).

Prof. dr 
Dimitrije Milovanović

Kuća: Kneza Miloša 80
11000 - Beograd, 
Tel. 011/688-405

   Prof. Dr Dimitrije P. Milovanović was born in 1928 in the village of Donje Crnatovo, municipality of Žitorađa (Serbia). He is a specialist in neuropsychiatry, the founder of the medical ethics in our country, as well as pioneer of methodology and doctrine of medicamentous treatment in psychiatry. He is a member of International neuropsychopharmacological Board (CINP), Medical Academy of rhe Serbian Medical Society, Editorial Board of the L' Encephale, journal published in Paris, and also the initiator of the psychiatric journal of the Association Yugoslav Psychiatrists ‘Engrami’. He is the initiator of the first 24-hours Teleappeal service in Belgrade. 
   For years he was Director of the Clinic of Psychiatry, Clinical Center of Serbia, President of the Forensic Psychiatric Board of the  Medical School, and President of the Psychiatric Association of the former SFRY. He conducted more than 20 educational seminaries, and was the Head of three international scientific projects. He was awarded two medals for labor and merits in SFRJ.
   He published more that 200 scientific papers in Yugoslav and French journals, as well as more than 20 books and monographs as the author or contributor. His scientific contribution is specially illustrated by the following papers methodology of the research work in psychiatry, alcoholic psychoses, psychopharmacotherapy, postpartal psychoses. affective disorders, medical ethics, etc.

Prof. dr
Gradimir Milovanović

Elektronski fakultet, 
Beogradska 14, 
18000 - Niš
Dimitrija Dimitrijevića 36, 
18000 – Niš
Tel. 018/547-372

   Prof. Dr Gradimir V. Milovanović was born in Zorunovac near Knjaževac (Serbia) in 1948. He graduated from the Faculty of Electronics in Niš on 1971. He was awarded MSc degree in 1974 and Ph.D. degree in 1976 at the University of Niš in the field of Mathematical sciences. During the period 1971-1976 he keeps the post of an assistant professor at the Faculty of Electronics in Niš, to be subsequently promoted to associate professor (1976-1981) , reelected, and in 1986 he was elected full professor. <P255>Since 1983 he has been the Head of the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Electronics in Niš. 
   During the period 1989 -1991 he was the vice-rector of the University of Niš. He is a member of numerous international scientific societies (AMS, SIAM, SMF, GAMM). He organized a number of scientific meetings in the field of mathematical sciences. Prof. Milovanović is editor and member of editorial boards of numerous international mathematical journals. He published more than 180 scientific papers in the filed of numeric analysis, approximation theory, orthogonality theory and extremal problems, 10 books and one monograph (‘Topics in Polynomials: Extremal Problems, Inequalities, Zeros’, World Scientific, Singapore).

Prof. Dr 
Momčilo D. Milutinović
   Prof. Dr. Momčilo D Milutinović was born in 1936, in Ržanica – Aleksandrovac. He has graduated at Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade – Zemun in 1959.  During studies and as an advanced university student he was on practical training in Federal Republic of Germany and Swis for ten months.
 He finished postgraduate studies and obtained his MSc. degree in 1965, and DS. degree in 1968 at Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade – Zemun. 
For subject Fruit and grapevine Breeding, he was chosen as an assistant in 1960, for professor assistant in 1971, for associate professor in 1976 and full professor, for the same subject, at Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, in 1982. He was retired in 2001.
 During 1969-1972 he was in Institute for Genetics, University of Bonn,  Federal Republic of Germany, as a scholarship holder of Alexander von Humboldt foundation, and after he was committed as a professor assistant for teaching Cariologic and Mutation Breeding (1971/72).
 He was five times (England, India, SAD, West Germany) on abroad studies.
 He managed postgraduate studies for MSc. degree on group for Genetics and Fruit and Grapevine Breeding, and now he is teaching on the same group (Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade – Zemun).
 While he was working, he had different functions: Chef of Teaching Staff, Director of Institute for Horticulture, Chef of Pomology Department, member of Faculty Council, Vice Dean, Director of Experimental School Farm ‘Radmilovac’ and member of Biotechnical Chamber of University of Belgrade.
Prof. Dr. M. Milutinović is now: President of Yugoslav Scientific Pomological Society (since 1999), member of Serbian Genetic Society and International Horticultural Society in section for Pomology, Commission for Genetic Resources and Working Group for Pollination. He is member of Scientific Council of Research Institute in Agriculture ‘Serbia’. He is, also, member of editorial and publishing board of journal ‘Yugoslav Pomology’. He was leader of several scientific-researchable projects funded by Ministry of Science and Technology of Republic Serbia. He participated in three counterpart projects and leader of project Selection of Prunus and Sharka Virus that was funded by USA Government (1986-1991).
 He is expert for Genetics and Fruit and Grapevine Breeding (decision of Federal Ministry for development, science and environment 1994). For contribution in university teaching, science and profession he got several public recognition, certificates of merit and medallions, including medallion of Faculty of Agriculture, medallion of Yugoslav Scientific Pomological Society and Republic Decoration with Bronze Wreath.   
 Prof. Dr. M. Milutinović published, in domestic and international journals, and on scientific meetings, 162 scientific papers (in international scientific journals 13, in domestic scientific journals 71, reported on international congresses and symposiums printed on the whole –23, printed in summary – 19, on domestic scientific meetings printed on the whole – 16, printed in summary –20). He published three textbooks, and he is co-author of monograph ‘Gene Bank of Yugoslavia fruits’. His papers are cited in numerous domestic and international publications. He is co-author of 10 projects for orchard training and exploitation, and one has international character, for training orchard of 936 ha in Angola.
As a member of Serbian Scientific Society , he is elected in 2002.        

Prof. dr
Veljko Milutinović

Elektrotehnički fakultet, 
Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 73, 
11000 - Beograd
Kuća: Dalmatinska 55,
11000 - Beograd
Tel. 011/769-872

   Prof. Dr Veljko M. Milutinović was born in 1951 in Belgrade. He graduated from the School of Electronic Engineering in Belgrade where he earned his PhD degree in 1982. His professional interest is focused on computer architecture and system support for electronic business on Internet. His activities also cover microprocessor technique, microprocessor systems, distributed systems, and VLSI. He published 26 books (4 in Serbian, 1 in Polish and 21 in English) and over 100 papers in international journals. He also presented over 100 papers at international conferences. He designed several devices that had entered serial prodiction and was in charge of several projects, of which some were international. He has been cited over 300 times in journals and books.

Prof. dr
Borivoje Mišković

Kuća: Svetog Save 43
11000 - Beograd
Tel: 011/444-0897

   Prof. Dr Borivoje D. Mišković was born in 1927 in Belgrade. He completed his elementary and high school education in Belgrade where he subsequently graduated from the School of Technology. He defended his PhD thesis in 1969. In 1958 he was elected assistant professor, and was promoted in 1961, 1970 and finally in 1976, when he became a full professor. He was the Head engineer and technical manager of Smererevo Steel Works (1953-1961), the chief metallurgist of all Yugoslav steel works (1961-1972), vice-dean and Dean of the School of Technology and Metallurgy (1979-83),Head of department, member of SEV Commission (1964-88), member of task forces of the European Steel Board UN (1968-1972).   He is the President of the Yugoslav Society of Metallurgic Engineers, member of the Presidency and Managing Board of the Serbian Chemical Society.
   Alone, and with his collaborators, Prof. Mišković published 260 scientific and research papers, studies investment projects, including 8 books and monographs.   In the rolling theory he contributed to studies of metal resistance to deformation, physical modeling of plastic deformation process of metals and cylinder calibration.   In technology of steel rolling his major contribution is given in development of new and improvement of the old types of steel, metal sheets and bands.
   He received two plaques by SEV, Golden badge of Prof. As. Zlatarov from the Bulgarian Association of Scientific Societies, Medal of the Serbian Chemical Society and a large number of charters and plaques from metallurgic institutions for his contribution to development of metallurgy.  He received the Medal of Labor with golden wreath from the Presidency of former Republic of Yugoslavia.

Prof. dr 
Milan Mitrović

Savez hemičara
i tehnologa Jugoslavije,
Kneza Miloša 9, 
11000 - Beograd, 
faks: 011/639-624
Bulevar Arsenija Čarnojevića 124
11070 - Beograd
Tel. 011/134-365

   Prof. Dr Milan V. Mitrović was born in 1929 in Belgrade. He was a full professor at the School of Technology and Metallurgy,University of Belgrade, in the period 1987-1994. He lectured on process control, process dynamics, separation processes.
   He was a member of the EFCE Executive Committee (1974-1994), IOFH scientific adviser, President of the Yugoslav Association of Chemists and Technologists, President of the Chemical Engineering Committee of the Serbian Chemical Society, member of the Serbian Scientific Society and Yugoslav Engineering Academy.
   His professional interests include transport phenomena in multiphase systems, cycling sorption processes, electrothermal desorption, theory of multiple separation, transverse hollow fiber membrane modules, membrane multiphase-multistage contractors, microcapillary catalytic reactor and sorption elements, membrane reactors, thin layer (paper) sorbents, structural integration of processes (multifunctional equipment), membrane pertraction and persorption, supercritical extraction, water, air and industrial effluents purifying processes.

Prof. dr
Dragomir Mladenović

Kuća: Baba Višnjina 37
11000 - Beograd,
Tel. 011/444-1202

   Prof. Dr Dragomir T. Mladenović was born in 1919 in Leskovac. He graduated from Medical School in Belgrade in 1948, and passed his Board in gynecology and obstetrics in 1952. For his advanced training he spent some time in London, Paris and  USA. He was elected Assistant Professor in 1951, and gradually full professor in 1970. He spent his whole career  at the Clinic of Gynecology and Gynecological Hospital in Belgrade, keeping the post of the Director for 13.5 years. He is an honorary member of the Yugoslav Association of Gynecologists and Obstetricians, honorary President of the Serbian Medical Society (SMS), honorary member of the Scientific Society of Georgia, gynecological associations of Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and meritorious member of the Balkan Medical Union.
   He received the 7th July Prize of the Republic of Serbia, SMS award for scientific achievements and SMS award for life achievements. He is the author of more than 300 scientific papers, published in national and international journals. He gave his contributions to 2 university textbooks ‘Gynecology’ and ‘Obstetrics’, and "Gynecology with Obstetrics" for medical students and general practitioners. His most prominent achievements were in the filed of population policy in Serbia, in gynecological surgery, by simplifying surgical techniques of almost all gynecological procedures. He was a role model for the surgical gynecology at the whole territory of former and actual Yugoslavia.