Prof. Dr
Jelena Danilović
   Prof. Dr Jelena Danilović was born in Zrenjanin. She started her education in Ljubljana and completed it Belgrade where she graduated from the Law School. She speaks and writes French, German, Russian, English, Slovenian and Italian languages. She is also well-versed in the classical, medieval Latin and in paleography. She received her PhD degree in September 1958 by publicly defended her doctoral dissertation entitled "Obligacioni ugovori u dubrovačkom pravu do 1356. godine" (Obligation Contracts in the Dubrovnik Jurisprudence Until 1356) magna cum laude before a five-member panel presided over by professor Mihailo Konstantinović.
 She was elected assistant professor in 1959, associate professor in 1962 and full professor in 1970. She received a grant from the Humbolt Foundation. Almost every year she read papers at the gatherings organized by international societies for the history of law all over Europe. Beside the Law School in Belgrade, she taught a course in the Roman Law at the Law School in Novi Sad (for almost 19 years) and courses in the Roman Law and National Legal History in Podgorica (for almost 15 years). For shorter time periods she taught in Split, Priątina and Nią. Also, she used to lecture in the Netherlands (in Leiden, Groningen and Amsterdam) as a guest of the Dutch Government 
 At the Law School in Belgrade, in addition to the course in the Roman Law, she used to teach the courses in Contemporary Legal Systems, Islamic Law, Development of the Natural Law from Hugo Groci to Civil Codes in the 14th Century, Great Legal Systems of the Civil Law etc.
 Because of the wide area they cover, her works have been grouped together in three thematic wholes connected with medieval Dubrovnik law, Serbian medieval law and Montenegrin law.
 Some of the more important works, books, are:
 - J. Danilović, Popular Complaints from the Roman to the Contemporary Law, Beograd, 1968, 248 pages.
 - O. Kandić, J. Danilović, The History of the Law School 1808-1905, Beograd, 1997, 498 pages, Zavod za udľbenike i nastavna sredstva.
 - J. Danilović, O. Stanojević, Texts from the Roman Law, Beograd, 1970 (9th edition 1996), 275 pages.
 - J. Danilović, Studies in the History of Law, Podgorica, 2002, 347 pages.
 She has edited and written the introduction to The General Property Code for the Principality of Montenegro and Selected Works, Beograd, 1998, Unireks, 543 pages.
 Her scientific works show the breadth of her interests, starting from the Roman Law, various periods of legal history all the way to treatises concerning contemporary law and legal theory.
 Jelena Danilović is a member of several international scientific societies, like Societe d' histoire de droit antoqite, the European Society for the History of Classical Jurisprudence, Brussels, Societe d' histoire de droit francais et etranger, Paris, and Societe d' histoire de droit "Jean Bodin", Brussels. 
 She is a member of the Committee of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences entrusted with the task of publishing the monuments of the Serbian law and of the State Archives of Montenegro as an editor of the critical edition of the Kotor Statute. Also, she is a member of the board of the Archives for Legal and Social Sciences published by the Association of Jurists of Serbia and Montenegro and a member of the editorial board of the first series of books of the Classics of Yugoslav Law published by the Official Gazette of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Prof. Dr 
Dragutin Lj. Debeljković
   Prof. Dr Dragutin Lj. Debeljković was born in Belgrade (Yugoslavia) on 30 December 1950. He received three degrees from the University of Belgrade:  a B. S. in Thermo-energetic Engineering, an M. Sc. and Ph. D., both in Control and System Science Engineering.
From 1980 to 1989 he was  Assistant Professor at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Control Engineering. He became an Associate Professor in 1990 and a  Full Professor in 1994 at the same school.
He published one chapter in an international monograph, 9 national monographs, 1 paper in a leading international journal, 20 papers in international journals, 65 papers published in proceedings and presented at the international meetings, conferences and symposiums, 78 papers published in leading national journals, 60 papers published in proceedings and presented at the national meetings, conferences and symposiums, 11 textbooks, and  4  handbooks as a collection of manual solutions and solved problems. 
The total number of citations of Prof. Debeljkovic paper`s  is  14. 
His joint paper with  Prof.  Owens, is the most  frequently mentioned.
Prof. Debeljkovic served as a reviewer of respectable journals such as IEE Proc., International  Journal of System Science, AMSE Journal etc. He also reviewed some fundamental textbooks for the necessities of the students from other universities in the area of Control Engineering.
Prof. Debeljkovic is giving  lectures at undergraduate level of studies in Linear System Design and Dynamics of Objects and at graduate level in Stochastic Control Systems, System Identification, Singular Systems, Stochastic Identification and Time Delay Systems. 
He was a mentor to more than 350 diploma works and a  supervisor to 45 MS.c and 5  Ph. D. dissertations.
He was a member and manager of a number of developmental, fundamental, technological and innovation research projects in and for Serbian Ministry of Technology as well as for the industry. 
He was awarded Fulbright Scholarship (Rutgers University, USA) in 1991, DAAD Scholarship (Wuppertal University, Germany) in 1999 and  Chinese Academy Scholarship in 2002.
Prof. Debeljkovic also participated a numerous international projects and Academic links accomplished  primarily through The British Council in Belgrade and /or Serbian Office for International Collaboration. In that sense he cooperated  with the University of Strathclyde (1985 – 1989), University of Exeter (1992 – 1996), City University of Hong Kong (!995, 2001), The University of Hong Kong (2001), The Institute of Automation in Shenyang (2002) and Northeastern University of Shenyang (2002) and many others. 
He is a member of A.M.S.E. (Association for the Advancement of Modeling and Simulation Techniques in Enterprises - France), Expert of UNIDO and TARS in the area of Control Engineering,  member of numerous Yugoslav Control Engineering Societies and member of editorial boards of some Yugoslav and international journals.
He was twice a Head of Control Engineering Department in periods from 1984 – 1998 and   from 1998 up to mid - 2001.

Prof. dr 
Duąan Dinulović

Kuća: Strahinjića Bana 65, 
11000 - Beograd,
Tel. 011/659-562.

   Prof. Dr. Duąan S. Dinulović was born in Gradskovo (near Zaječar) in 1929. He completed his secondary education in Zaječar and medical studies at the  Medical School in Belgrade. After three-year residency at the Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Belgrade Medical School, and one year in Paris, he passed his Board Examination in 1962. He was appointed assistant professor at the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Faculty of Medicine in Algeria (1962), and in 1965 in Belgrade. Thereafter, he was elected associated professor in 1976 and professor in 1988. Prof. Dinulović was Head of the Surgical Department for female sterility and Chair of Gynecology and Obstetrics of Belgrade Medical School.
   He published 218 professional and scientific papers, contributed chapters to 3 medical books and was Editor-in-chief of the textbook ‘Obstetrics’. He was among the first to introduce laparoscopic diagnostics, oocytes retrieval and IVF program in Serbia. He is a member of Yugoslav Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Yugoslav Sterility and Fertility Association, IFFS, FIGO, ESHRE, WHO and Medical Academy of the Serbian Medical Society. He was a President of the Yugoslav Sterility and Fertility Association. Prof. Dinulović, although one of the most acclaimed and highly skilled reproductive surgeons, teachers and scientist, has been best known for his particular role in diagnosis and treatment of sterility.

Prof. dr 
Miroslav Draąkoci

Kuća: Gandijeva 135
11070 - Novi Beograd, 
Tel. 011/154-495.

   Prof. Dr. Miroslav J. Draąkoci was born in 1921 in Senjski Rudnik. He graduated from the Medical School in Prague, at Karl’s University. In 1952 he was appointed assistant prefessor at the Institute of the Pathological Physiology of the Belgrade Mediccal School, and from 1953 he was employed at the Institute of Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy. He defended his habilitation thesis, as well as his PhD thesis in 1972. In the same year, he was elected professor and kept the post until his retirement in 1986. During 1958/59 he spent a year, as a WHO fellow, at the National Institute for Medical Research in London. British Council for Medical Research appointed him associate researcher at the same Institute, and he kept the post for the following 6 months. He presented papers at 5 international congresses and 11 national scientific meetings, and participated at 12 symposia organized by Serbian Pharmaceutical Society.
   The most important scientific contribution was in the field of blood-CSF barrier, and in the field of immunopharmacology. He published 41 experimental papers and 14 scientific works. In Science Citation Index, till the end of 1988, he was quoted 175 times. Additionally, his studies were quoted in 14 international books and monographs. Scientific work of Prof. Draąkoci was also included in the "International Directory of Investigators in Psychopharmacology", "WHO/ National Institute of Mental Health", and in "Biography International, men and Women of Achievement and Distinction".

Prof. dr 
Duąan Dukić

Kuća: Dľordľa Vaąintona 16
11000 - Beograd
Tel. 323-9220.

   Prof. Dr. Duąan ®. Dukić was born in 1923 in Moravci (Ljig, Serbia). He completed his education in Belgrade and graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the Department of geography in 1950. He defended his Ph.D. thesis (The river Sava - a potamological study<D>) in the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in 1956. He was elected associate professor in physical geography at the same department in 1958, while in 1970 he was appointed full professor in hydrology and photointerpretation. His major professional interest is focused on water regimens of rivers, usage of water resources and their protection against pollution and decoding of the aerocosmic images in geographic research.
   He published 149 scientific papers (28 in foreign languages), 5 university text-books, numerous scientific and professional projects, 276 contributions in encyclopedias, which makes the total of 600 reference entries.
   For his sabbaticals he went to France, Poland, and USSR. During his university carrier he kept the posts of the Head of the Department, Dean and Head of the Institute of Geography. He was also a director of the Institute of Geography "Jovan Cvijić" of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He received numerous public acknowledgments and awards. Within the International Union of geography, he was a corresponding member of the Commission on International Hydrological Decade and Hydrological Program for ten years.

Prof. dr 
Nenad Đajić

Rudarsko-geoloąki fakultet, 
Đuąina 7
11000 - Beograd
Tel. 011/324-3337/135, 
faks: 011/324-3457.
Kuća: Balkanska 33
11000 - Beograd
Tel. 011/685-212.

   Prof. Dr Nenad J. Đajić was born in Poľega in 1941. He completed his elementary, high school and university education (School of Mechanical Engineering) in Belgrade. Since 1988 he is the full professor of Thermodynamics, and Heat-Powered Motors and Energy Plants at the School of Mining and Geology in Belgrade. He is the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Technical Sciences of the Serbian Scientific Society, member of the Board for Energetics of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, vice-president of the Yugoslav Committee of the World Council for Energy, Professor and head of studies on energy of the European Center of the UN University for Peace and Development, etc. He is the author of three university textbooks and 2 monographs. He is also the author or co-author of 347 papers (35 plenary lectures) where 56 were presented on more important meetings or in outstanding journals. He was the Head or collaborator in 158 studies and projects; he reviewed 12 university textbooks or monographs and over 130 studies and projects in the field of energetics. His most important contributions are related to complex problems of energetics as the basis of sustainable growth, more effective energy use, optimum development of communal energy, modeling and balancing of energy-producing processes and promotion of environmental protection. He is one of the pioneer researchers in the field of new and renewable sources of energy, particularly geothermal energy in our country.

Prof. dr 
Aleksandar M. Đokić 

Kuća: Kraljice Katarine 68,
11000 - Beograd
Tel. 011/544-047.

  Prof. Dr Aleksandar M. Đokić was born in Dolce  near Berane. He graduated from the School of Agriculture and Forestry, University of  Belgrade in 1949. He defended his PhD thesis on genetics and cultivation in 1957. In 1950 he was elected Assistant Professor of Genetics and promoted into the full professorship in 1973.  He held courses in genetics on undergraduate and post-graduate levels. He was the mentor, co-mentor and member of committees for numerous MSc and PhD theses. He was Head of Department for Genetics and Cultivation of Plants. He was also a vice-dean, Dean and vice-president of the University of Belgrade for two terms of office. He has been a member of the New York Academy of Science since 1983, a corresponding member of the French Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Since 1983 he has been a member of the Serbian Scientific Society. In 1964 he received the October Prize of the City of Belgrade, and in 1989 The Serbian Award of 7th July. He also received a number of other recognitions of achievement by insitutions and associations. 
     He published over 150 scientific papers in domestic and international journals, about 50 comprehensive papers, 11 special publications, two university textbooks and one authorized manual for undergraduates. 
     He created the first Yugoslav variety of high-yield wheat "Hibrid 013", recognized in 1964. He also created varieties of winter wheat and co-author of 18 varieties of summer and winter wheat, two varieties of barley and one variety of potato (Univerzal).

Prof. Dr 
Bojan D. Đorđević

Tehnoloąko-metalurąki fakultet
Beograd, Karnegijeva 4

   Prof. Dr Bojan D. Đorđević was born in 1937 in Belgrade. He graduated from the Faculty of Technology, University of Belgrade in 1961, where he also received his ScD degree in 1970. Professor Djordjevic began his career as Researcher in IHTM, Belgrade, 1961-64. In 1971 he was elected assistant professor, in 1976 associate professor, while since 1982 he has been full professor at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy. He lectured on chemical engineering thermodynamics, energy of process industry, molecular thermodynamics etc. Also, he lectured various subjects of thermodynamics at many university centers in the country. Professor Djordjević participated in foundation of the Laboratory for chemical engineering parameters. He served two terms as the Head of Fundamental Technical Science Department. He was mentor or co-mentor to over 100 students and a large number of MSc and PhD theses. He is the author or co-author of 149 scientific articles (55 were published in international journals), 104 scientific papers presented on international and national congresses and symposia, 30 professional papers and 27 text-books, monographs etc (Thermodynamics and Thermotehnics, 4th ed.;Thermodynamics of Fluids, 2nd ed., Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, etc.). He contributed 48 studies and projects out of which a large number have been realized in chemical industry (heat exchangers, condensers etc.). He was the Head of a federal and republic research project and sub-projects. He was cited over 120 times in the international journals by other authors including 2 university textbooks and 3 monographs printed by international publishers. He was a referee in the leading international and national journals and congresses. His professional interests include equations of state, vapor-liquid equilibria, excess properties of solution and thermo-hydraulic design of heat equipment. He is a member of editorial boards of two outstanding journals (J.Serb.Chem.Soc. and Chem. Ind., Belgrade). He is a member of Yugoslav Association of Chemists and Technologists and the Serbian Chemical Society. He received a number of national and international acknowledgments, awards, plaques and certificates.

Prof. Dr 
Branislav Đorđević

Građevinski fakultet Beograd
Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 73
tel: 011/3218559

   Prof. Dr Branislav Đorđević was born in 1938 in Skoplje.
   He had graduated at the Department of Hydraulic Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade in 1961. He had finished his post-graduated studies at the same faculty in 1967, and had defended his dissertation in 1974. Prior to taking the university position in 1971, he was the chief engineer of Hydropower Department of Water Resources Institute "Jaroslav Černi" in Belgrade. In 1971 he moved to the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade. In 1974 he was promoted assistant professor, in 1979 to the rank of associate professor and in 1984 he finally has become professor for the subjects "Hydroelectric Engineering" and "Water Resources Systems". He was vicedean, and now he is the head of the hydraulic engineering chair. He has given lectures on postgraduate studies on the universities in Belgrade, Skoplje, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Split, and he has been the mentor for lots of postgraduate and doctor's studies on those universities His narrow specialties are planning, optimization and design of the large multipurpose water resources systems and hydroelectric power plants (HPP). He has been working in those fields and he has been developing original methods of operations research.

   Dr Djordjević is the author of over 230 papers and seven books. He is the recipient of the annual award in science for the year 1984 as a result of publishing the two-volume book Hydroelectric Engineering. His books Cybernetics in Water Resources Management, Water Resources Systems, Hydroelectric Power Plant are often quoted. As participant of many international and national conferences, he also served as the general reporter at several of them. He was the Yugoslavian delegate of the Committee for water resources problems of the UN EEC for a number of years. He is a member of the Committee for water resources systems of the International Association for Hydrological Sciences now, and the expert of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, etc. He is the chief editor of the journal Water resources engineering.

   He has been working on the plans of all major water resources systems and HPP in Yugoslavia and on the development of the most important strategic documents: Spatial plan and Water master plan of the Republic of Serbia and of Republic Montenegro, water master plans of several the river basin, etc. He was consultant for many projects of complex water resources systems in Asia, Africa, and South America.

Prof. Dr 
Miroslav Đ. Đorđević

11000 Beograd, Primorska 7
Tel.: 767-376; 752-725
e-mail: miskox@sezampro.yu

   Prof. Dr Miroslav Đ. Đorđevićwas born on February 26th, 1926 in Belgrade, from the father Djordje and mother Mileva, born Sekulic. He finished the primary and secondary school in Belgrade. He graduated at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade in 1950 and received the doctorate in 1963. He finished the studies of comparative law on the international Faculty for Comparative Law in Luxembourg in 1960.
Since 1946 he was employed at the Bar association (Chamber of attorneys) in Belgrade. In 1952 he passed to the Faculty of Law in Belgrade as a post-graduate fellowship holder with the title of junior legal administrator. He was elected to be a teaching fellow (lecturer) for the subject criminal law in 1955, an assistant professor in 1964, an associate professor in 1969 and a full professor in 1978. He retired in 1992. He was dean of the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, associate dean, president of the teaching-scientific council and chief of the department for criminal sciences. He lectured on a rather big number of universities in the country as well as abroad. He was elected as a member of the Scientific society of Serbia in 2002.
He was the president of the Federal scientific council for the administration of justice, a member of the Republic committee for the legislation of the Socialist Republic of Serbia, the president of the commissions and working groups for the elaboration of the Criminal law of the Socialist Republic of Serbia, the Criminal  code of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the Law about the economic offenses, the Law about the violations by which the federal regulations are violated (petty offences) and several other laws. He was the president of the Association for criminal law and criminology of the Socialist Republic of Serbia and a member of the editorial boards of the magazines “Annals of the Faculty of law” (“Anali Pravnog fakulteta”), “The Yugoslav review for criminology and criminal law” (“Jugoslovenska revija za kriminologiju i krivicno pravo”) and “Code of the Institute for criminological and sociological researches” (“Zbornik Instituta za kriminoloska i socioloska istrazivanja”). He is a member of the presidency of the Yugoslav association for medical law and of the editorial boards of the “Archive for legal and social sciences” (“Arhiv za pravne i drustvene nauke”), the “Bulletin of the Yugoslav association for medical law” (“Bilten Jugoslovenskog udruzenja za medicinsko pravo”) and the “General encyclopedia of law” (“Opsta enciklopedija prava”).
He has published more than 150 scientific works, among which: “Krivično pravo – opąti deo” (“Criminal law – general part”) (co-author, four editions), “Krivično pravo – posebni deo” (“Criminal law – special part”) (co-author, seven editions), “Praktikum za krivično pravo – opsti deo”  (“Practicum for criminal law – general part”) (four editions), “Praktikum za krivično pravo – posebni deo” (“Practicum for criminal law – special part”) (two editions), “Komentar Krivičnog zakona SRJ” (“Commentary of the Criminal law of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia”) (co-author, five editions), “Komentar Krivičnog zakona Republike Srbije” (“Commentary of the Criminal law of the Republic of Serbia”) (co-author, five editions), the monographs “Delikti kaznenog prava” (“Offences of the penal law”) (co-author), “Privredni prestupi” (“Economic offenses”), “Krivična odgovornost pravnih lica” (“The criminal responsibility of legal entities”) and elaborated the studies “Novčani iznosi u krivičnom zakonodavstvu u uslovima visoke inflacije” (“Financial amounts in the criminal legislature in conditions of high inflation”) and “Krivična dela i privredni prestupi u udruľenom radu” (“Criminal and economic offenses in the associated work-in the economy)”. He has participated with reports on more than 100 congresses, conferences and other scientific meetings in the country as well as abroad.

Prof. dr 
Predrag Đorđević

Institut za endokrinologiju,
dijabetes i bolesti 
KCS, Dr Subotića 13,
11000 - Beograd,
Tel: 011/684-177 
Aleksandra Stambolijskog 10a 
11000 - Beograd
Tel: 011/664-665.

  Prof. Dr. Predrag B. Đorđević was born in 1940 in Kruąevac, Serbia. MSc, PhD, Specialist in Internal Medicine, endocrinologist. Head of the Department of Internal Medicine, Ex-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Vice-Dean of the University of Belgrade, Director of the Institute of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases of the Clinical Center of Serbia. President of the Section of Endocrinology and Member of the Presidency of the Serbian Medical Society (SMS), President of the Yugoslav Association of Endocrinology and Yugoslav Society for Diabetes, and member of numerous foreign societies. 
  He is President or member of editorial boards of numerous national and international scientific journals. Scientific interest: anaphylactic myocardial reaction, insulin immuno-resistance, insulin therapy regiments, insulin pump, treatment of the fetal and adult islets and whole pancreas, atherosclerosis, problems of nutrition, obesity, osteoporosis, thyroidology, clinical immunology. 
He published more than 700 scientific papers, 44 in international journals. (citation index above 50). He has been the author or editor of 85 chapters or textbooks, and included in several Who is Who editions. He was the head of numerous projects, including 3 international scientific projects. He is a full member of the Medical Academy of the SMS and New York Academy of Sciences. He was awarded Scientific prizes by SMS and Serbian Association of University Professors, and with Yugoslav Medal of Merit with Silver Star.

Prof. dr 
Radoslav Đorđević

Kuća: Tome Rosandića 3, 
18000 – Nią
Tel. 018/ 42-781. 

   Prof. Dr. Radosav ®. Đorđević was born in 1933. In 1957, he graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the Department of Mathematics University of Belgrade. In 1966 he was awarded Ph.D. degree in mathematics.
   During 1968/69, he was a fellow of the Alexandar von Humboldt foundation.Prof. Đorđević has been a full professor since 1977. For years, he was Head of the Department of Mathematics, vice-dean, and Dean of the Faculty of Electronics in Nią. Additionally, he was also vice-rector of the University of Nią.
   Prof. Đorđević published a  number of scientific papers from  mathematics: Ordinary and partial differential equations, The theory of functional equations, Analytic inequalities, Geometric inequalities, The theory of matrixes, The theory of approximations.Prof. Đorđević is also a co-author of the world-wide known monograph on geometrical inequalities entitled "Geometric Inequalities", published by  "Wolters-Noordhoff Publishing". The monograph is one of the most frequently quoted books.
   He is a co-author of numerous high-school and university text-books. He is an associate of the Institute of Mathematics if the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade. He is a member of the French mathematical Society (since 1969), Honorary member of the Srbian Chemical Society (since 1976), and life-time Honorary member of Tesla Memorial society Inc, New York (since 1985).
   He initiated foundation of a respectable journal "Facta Universitatis" and he was its first editor-in-chief.

Prof. dr 
Slobodan Đorđević

Kuća: Loznička 1a/ I I- 4
11000 - Beograd,
Tel. 011/344-3710.

   Prof. Dr Slobodan P. Đorđević, a retired professor of medicine, was born in 1921 in Valjevo. He entered the School of Medicine in Belgrade in 1940, and after the II WW(4y), graduated in 1950, and was elected an Assistant Professor in Surgery at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology. He was gradually promoted till he was elected Chair of Otorhinolaryngology in 1970. In 1964 he was at the School of Medicine in Paris, when he was elected an Assistant of the University of Paris. His postgraduate education included College de medecine des hopitaux de Paris, Schools of Medicine in Nansi, Monpellier, Lyon, Strasbourgh, etc.
   He is a member of : Collegium Otorhinolaryngologicum Amicitiae Sacrum, Societe Francaise d'ORL, Societe Francaise de Bronchoesophagologie, Societe Medicale Internationale d'Endoscopie et de Radiocinematographie, Societe Internationale d'Historie de la Medecine, Societe Europeene pour l'Etude de l'Historie d'ORL, Association et Fondation des eleves de l'Ecole Portmann de Bordeaux.
   He is a full member of the Medical Academy of the Serbian Medical Association, Scientific Society for the History of Health Education in Serbia, Yugoslav ORL Association, Yugoslav Association of Cancerology. He is a permanent collaborate of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts. He was the Secretary of the "Terminological Course" of the Belgrade School of Medicine. He was an expert for ORL in Niamey (Niger) and Abidgan (Ivory cost).
   He published 160 papers in domestic and international journals dealing with ORL and history of medicine. He received the Medal of Labor with Golden Wreath and Medal of Labor with Red Star.

Prof. dr 
Dragoslav Đukanović

Stomatoloąki fakultet, 
Klinika za bolesti usta
Dr Subotića 2 
11000 - Beograd,
Tel: 011/684-465
Faks 011/685-361
Kuća: Miloąa Pocerca 3
11000 - Beograd,
Tel: 011/3611-397.

   Prof. Dr. Dragoslav S. Đukanović is the full professor at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Belgrade. He is the author of 19 monographs, text books and books and 242 papers, out of which 51 were published in international journals. His scientific achievements were rewarded by his election and re-election as President of the Scientific committee of the Federation Dentaire Internacionale (FDI). He was the very first master of dental sciences in Yugoslavia, and holder of the PhD degree since 1974. Professor Dr. Đukanović is a visiting professor at several universities and he delivered his lectures on all 5 continents. He participated at 19 world congresses and more than 120 other congresses and meetings. He served two terms as Head of the Clinic for Periodontology and oral medicine and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, and Head of the Department in three terms. He is the chief researcher in six scientific research projects.
   His scientific achievements include elucidation of several unsolved dental problems, as well as those related to development of a new alloplastic implant used for alveolar bone regeneration. He received more than 50 different awards, including Annual award for scientific research of the Serbian Medical Society (1998) and October Reward of the City of Belgrade for scientific research (1987). He is a member of about 20 associations in the country and abroad, including Medical Academy of the Serbian Medical Society, Academy of Dentistry Internationale and Pierre Fauchard Academy.

Prof. dr 
Budimir Filipović

Kuća: Nevesinjska 13
11000 - Beograd
Tel. 011/439-433.

   Prof. Dr. Budimir V. Filipović was born in 1934 in Leskovac. where he completed elementary and high school. He graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the Department of Geology in 1958. He began his professional career at the Institute of geology in Sarajevo (1959/60), and in 1960 he was elected assistant Professor in Hydrogeology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Department of Geology. Since 1963 he was assistant Professor, since 1968 associate Professor, and in 1980 he was elected full professor. He defended his MSc thesis in 1963 and Ph.D. thesis in the field of hydrogeology in 1967. During the period 1971-1998 he was the Head of the department of Hydrogeology, Head of the Institute of Hydrogeography, Head of the Department of Geology, and  Vice-dean of the Faculty of Mining and geology in two terms. He has been a member of the Serbian Scientific Society since 1983, Serbian Geological Society, Serbian Chemical Society, Union of Geologists and Miners of Yugoslavia and Union of Serbian Union of Geologists and Technicians, International Association of Hydrogeologists (AIH), etc. He  has published or reported, at national or international meetings, more than 200 papers. He is the author or co-author of large number of studies and projects (above 150). He published numerous monographs and test-books in the filed of hydrology which made great influence on development of science and educational process in the field of hydrology.He received numerous charters, appreciation certificates and plaques.